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Just copy & paste the corresponding code into a new reply.

4 random cards.

[card]nagas12[/card] [card]beasts16[/card] [card]roommates24[/card] [card]bound06[/card]
[i]Currency [UKE][/i]: nagas12, beasts16, roommates24, bound06
uke x 2 (specific section)

pick 4 random cards from a specific section (manga, anime, games, comics) and replace "card" with the filename. Use randomizer for anime and manga if you think it can be of help, since there are a lot of decks in those sections.

[card]card[/card] [card]card[/card] [card]card[/card] [card]card[/card]
[i]Currency [UKE x2][/i]: card, card, card, card

2 special cards.

[card]mf-uke02[/card] [card]asamitoujou06[/card]
[i]Currency [SEME][/i]: mf-uke02, asamitoujou06
1 choice card

[i]Currency [COUPLE][/i]: choice card