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Just copy & paste the corresponding code into a new reply.

team effortcollaboration
1 regular and 1 special for each card donated.

[card]playful14[/card] [card]mf-seme14[/card]
[i]teameffort[/i]: playful14, mf-seme14
1 regular 1 special for each image donated.

[card]detectives04[/card] [card]miyamotokano06[/card]
[i]Collaboration[/i]: detectives04, miyamotokano06
seme or ukeyaoi abcs
2 cards for each correct guess.

[card]confrontational18[/card] [card]provinces19[/card]
[i]Seme or Uke[/i]: confrontational18, provinces19
1 card for each series posted.

[i]Yaoi ABCs[/i]: admiration17
stamp card completemastery combo complete
3 random cards & 1 random special card.

[card]arkham08[/card] [card]replica17[/card] [card]arpeggio03[/card] [card]clamp13[/card]
[i]Stamp Card Complete[/i]: arkham08, replica17, arpeggio03, clamp13

3 choice cards, 4 random cards & 2 special cards.

[card][/card] [card][/card] [card][/card] [card]soldiers25[/card] [card]redstring06[/card] [card]wolves08[/card] [card]goldenpair13[/card] [card]nekotayonezou14[/card] [card]mf-series10[/card]
[i]Combo Complete[/i]: card, card, card, soldiers25, redstring06, wolves08, goldenpair13, nekotayonezou14, mf-series10,

guess the character
3 cards for every "yes" question.

[card]hearts10[/card] [card]justice24[/card] [card]shadows25[/card]
[i]Guess the character[/i]: hearts10, justice24, shadows25