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Just copy & paste the corresponding code into a new reply.

team effortcollaboration
1 regular and 1 special for each card donated.

[card]godchildren04[/card] [card]suzukitsuta08[/card]
[i]teameffort[/i]: godchildren04, suzukitsuta08
1 regular 1 special for each image donated.

[card]g89606[/card] [card]junko05[/card]
[i]Collaboration[/i]: g89606, junko05
seme or ukeyaoi abcs
2 cards for each correct guess.

[card]police25[/card] [card]resolution10[/card]
[i]Seme or Uke[/i]: police25, resolution10
1 card for each series posted.

[i]Yaoi ABCs[/i]: cultureshock07
stamp card completemastery combo complete
3 random cards & 1 random special card.

[card]bananasplit03[/card] [card]seiyuu21[/card] [card]closet19[/card] [card]mf-chibies13[/card]
[i]Stamp Card Complete[/i]: bananasplit03, seiyuu21, closet19, mf-chibies13

3 choice cards, 4 random cards & 2 special cards.

[card][/card] [card][/card] [card][/card] [card]teambakugo07[/card] [card]redstring01[/card] [card]loversmode07[/card] [card]parsians11[/card] [card]kougayun10[/card] [card]akiranorikazu11[/card]
[i]Combo Complete[/i]: card, card, card, teambakugo07, redstring01, loversmode07, parsians11, kougayun10, akiranorikazu11,

guess the character
3 cards for every "yes" question.

[card]aibou09[/card] [card]knightanddragoon04[/card] [card]gundampilots22[/card]
[i]Guess the character[/i]: aibou09, knightanddragoon04, gundampilots22