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Update is LATE!

Sep 06, 2014

What has happened this past week

New Members: fable -   Welcome!
Quit Members: none - Bye!
Member Cards: You can find all of yours here!
Level Ups: Andrea (Charming), Ash (Friend w/ Benefits), Kazekune (Acquaintance)
Masteries: Andrea (oneheart), Ash (forgiveness, masks, stoic), Cami (mutualism), Hotaru (brokendreams, burnscars, chidori, darklord, destinedone, domestic, gemini, gunpowder, judgement, mercenaries, mf-fanon, oz, rascals, samurai, secret, surveycorps, undercover, windor)
Referrals: none -- Pick your rewards up at the bottom!
Updates: Weekly games, bi-weekly set two, Monthly, Substitution
Affiliates: Loop - Anime OP/ED TCG by Joey

Time for the new decks!

I've got 5 new decks for you guys this week! You guys can take a total of 3 regular cards (2 max per deck) and 2 special cards  (1 max per deck) from the release below! If you donated or made a deck, you may take an extra card from that deck (you can take your donated card from the collaboration deck) ! Please comment with what you take!

Those who participated in mf-uke deck making, can take one choice special card - as promissed for finishing the deck in a month.

In other news...


Chiisai wished for:

❝cards that spell out "COLLEGE", for all the players that are going back to school this fall!❞

Only one card for deck and it doesn't need to start with the letter.

Send me your wishes, we are in need for them =) - I have just one more in the inbox (again)

Member Badges: Still open! If you like pretty things, and wanna decorate your profile a little more, then go ahead and request one! - will be checking all of those in the coming week

Forum Activities:
Uhm the Collaboration deck will be up during the week yes? ç_ç/ sorry

If you completed this month's wordsearch already, go ahead and take the rewards on the game page! (:


I had a plan - I planed during the week to finish with deck, to prepare all the games and stuff I needed, but then real life take over, and I also got sick, and in the end I DID NOTHING. Aside this, Miyuki who's my backup went on vacation (she needed it °_°) and I was left without back up and I cry, because only 5 decks, one was made by Miyu before she went, anyway, enjoy and sorry for the wait, there is certanly errors around, so just poke me about them.

by Kaz on September 18, 2014
Snagging pioggia22, osanajimi19, habibi20, drten05, mf-uke06 (donated), mf-uke12, thanks!

Wishes: (COLLEGE) contract20, rolemodel04, rivali07, famiglia19, promise12, damaged22, editor24
by Miyuki on September 18, 2014
pioggia07, osanajimi15, habibi11, drten05, mf-uke03, mf-uke08

Deckmaker: pioggia08

(C)pyrokinetics20 (O)gunpowder05 (L)collared12 (L)elector09 (A)assassins09 (G)fightingfate11 (E)butterflies15
by Andrea on September 13, 2014
Snagging osanajimi08, pioggia06, habibi13, drten02, mf-uke08.

C) chained18
O) promise12
L) denial07
L) darklord21
E) sacrifice04
G) princeandknight09
E) hearts10

Thank you!
by Saya on September 11, 2014
Update (Sept 6th): objection16, godchildren24, likeabird21, digital24, masterandpet12, g89620, replica24 + osanajimi12, 23, pioggia02, drten06, mf-uke12
by Lex on September 10, 2014
new decks: osanajimi06, pioggia13, habibi17, drten03, mf-uke05

COLLEGE: swimclub02, soldiers13, celestial22, resolution04, superhusbands10, keterburg08, objection23

by Chiisai on September 10, 2014
New Decks: habibi09, osanajimi11, pioggia19, drten10, mf-uke14, mf-uke13 (donated~)
(keeping osanajimi & mf-uke out of the cards above, come grab the others if you want them!)

Collab Bonus: nitrochiral04

COLLEGE: classzero01, childhood01, baseball07, swimclub03, melody10, kingandjoker19, determination06 (glad this is up again, since I missed it last week, due to the very thing it is for! XD)

Thank you Saya! Hope you feel better! ♥
by Cici on September 10, 2014
Aww I'm sorry you got sick :( I hope you're feeling better now!

New Decks: osanajimi03, pioggia01, habibi23, drten13, mf-uke14

Collaboration Bonus Reward: kougayun0109

Wishes: (COLLEGE) preciousmetals22, violence14, puppylove02, swimclub09, scytheandhound10, guardians02, trainers14
by Lacey on September 10, 2014
I hope you feeling better! <3

new decks; pioggia14, osanajimi16, pioggia02, drten06, mf-uke12 & mf-uke09 (donated card)

choice special: nitrochiral03

wishes (COLLEGE): childhood04, puppylove22, lightandshadow05, generals02, benefits04, magi01, movingforward01
by tsu on September 10, 2014
New decks: pioggia03, pioggia12, pioggia19 (for donating), osanajimi11, osanajimi23 (for donating), drten06, mf-uke07, mf-uke12 (donated)

mf-uke freebie: shihosugiura01

Wishes: (COLLEGE) swimclub03, mentor01, preciousmetals06, regulars04, freedom11, guardians06, trainers03

Thanks for another wonderful update! Saya, I know what you mean about having a plan but then real life (and sickness!) taking over. I hope you feel better soon!
by Hotaru on September 09, 2014
Grabbing osanajimi20, pioggia11, habibi02, drten14, mf-uke11, mf-canon11, okama11, imperial14, coldneedle10, bearswife05, training14, pyrokinetics19, thank you! <3
by Cami on September 08, 2014
I don't blame you Saya. You were sick, after all...
by Saya on September 08, 2014
Uhm, uhm O_O - I used it twice? Oh well, let's use it another time, O_O it seems I havent ticked it of as used ç_ç/

And yes it's ok to change Kazekune, as Cami said, you said it here so it's ok.

I still have no idea if i did everything I had to do in this update, but well °_°/
by Cami on September 08, 2014
Well, since you already said it here, it should be fine. Other people have done it before, I think.
by Kazekune on September 08, 2014
So I didn't realize I already had fugitives03 and I was wondering if it would be okay to replace it with fugitives04?
by kazekune on September 07, 2014
New Decks: osanajimi01, pioggia01, habibi01, drten01, mf-uke1

Donator: mf-uke15, nitrochiral02

So we're allowed to do the wish again?

Wishes: (COLLEGE) perceive02, kingandjoker16, lightandshadow03, swimclub03, hearts08, fugitives03, teachers03
by Maggie on September 07, 2014
New Decks: pioggia02, pioggia19, osanajimi04, drten11, mf-uke02
Donator (mf-uke): mf-uke10, yonedakou07
Wishes (college): (c) takedaclan09, (o) communist12, (l) silverpair01, (l) flames20, (e) devilcontractor23, (g) gunpowder10, (e) trainers19
by Cami on September 07, 2014
Forgot about the mf-uke freebie. I'll snag shungikunakamura10 as my choice special.
by Cami on September 07, 2014
New Decks: osanajimi13, osanajimi17, pioggia18, drten07, mf-uke08, mf-uke13

I could have sworn that Chiisai's college wish was used for the last update but...oh well.

Wishes (COLLEGE): vocalists13, inspiration06, bloodyhistory21, denial07, determination02, regulars05, firebreak06
by Ash on September 07, 2014
New Decks: habibi01, habibi02, habibi03 (for donating!), osanajimi10, drten15, mf-uke15, mf-uke01 (donated it!)

mf-uke making freebie: nitrochiral08

Wishes: (COLLEGE) chidori21, tattoos09, littlebird09, gunblade16, masterandpet14, tougaandsanga19, demons03

Eeheee I'm sooo happy for the habibi deck. ♥ Time to cash in all the hearts I've been saving up. *u*

Thanks so much for the update! I'm glad you're feeling better! (I hope!)
by Ash on September 06, 2014
Thanks for letting us know! c: Anxiously awaiting~ ♥
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