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Welcome to Rapture, an online trading card game dedicated to boys love pairings from various animes, mangas and video games. There are currently 38 wonderful members and 15015 cards sorted into 635 decks. Would you care to add one more to the member count?

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and again....

Jun 21, 2016

Sorry....I totally forgot about the update -___-"

This weekend I was like "ok, I'll do it tonight when I go home" and then, Monday morning "#@!# I forgot". Now, with all the work I have to do since my boss is on holiday (I want my holidays too ç_ç), I don't have the time to do the update, so you'll have to wait until next weekend.

You can play weekly games and take free cards for the words "SUN AND RAIN". One per deck. One can be special. Reply with what you take.

- Miyuki

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