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Welcome to Rapture, an online trading card game dedicated to boys love pairings from various animes, mangas and video games. There are currently 38 wonderful members and 15015 cards sorted into 635 decks. Would you care to add one more to the member count?

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half way there

Jul 31, 2016

What has happened this past week

Member Cards: You can find all of yours here! If you still need yours, write to us!
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Updates: Weekly games, bi-weekly set two, Substitution
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If you need to contact me, write to rapturetcgxo[at]gmail[dot]com

In other news...


// wished for:

❝ Choice cards AUGUST and VACATION❞

Reply with what you take. One for deck. One can be special.

We need wishes!!

Member Badges: Still open! If you like pretty things, and wanna decorate your profile a little more, then go ahead and request one! - will be checking all of those in the coming week

Forum Activities:
Collaboration's theme this time is your Favorite YAOI series, so share your preference. - even if you did already participate you can do it a second time.

The Member Deck section is open! Go and get your personal deck!

If you completed this month's wordsearch already, go ahead and take the rewards on the game page! (:


Ok, I started to work on the new currency system but it's still not complete. You will find everything in the Currency Shoppe...it should be self explaining but if you have any question or doubt, let me know.

For now, you can exchange your hearts for the new currency and you can start using it.

I didn't have the time to fix the php side so you'll keep getting hearts from the games for now...I'll work on it as soon as I can. For this reason, I ask you to refrain from using the uke x2 combination for now...since it'll be difficult for Hotaru to filter the cards to look for the section you're asking for using the old randomizer.

That said, I'll be on vacation until August 15th, so I'll skip 2 updates. I'm sorry about that but I really need some rest from work @.@

In the meantime you can still play weekly games.


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