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May 03, 2014

What has happened this past week

New Members: Kaz -   Welcome!
Member Cards: You can find all of yours here!
Level Ups: none
Masteries: Hotaru (chefs, clamp, fiances, kimono, kyudo, marriedcouple, tribal, youkai),  Miyuki (perceive), Saya (legend, pyrokinetics, tougaandsanga)
Referrals: none -- Pick your rewards up at the bottom!
Updates: Weekly games, bi-weekly set one, Monthly, Seme or Uke
Affiliates: Movielicious - An automatic TCG run by TomDark

Time for the new decks!

I've got 5 new decks for you guys this week! You guys can take a total of 5 regular cards (2 max per deck) and 1 special cards  (1 max per deck) from the release below! If you donated or made a deck, you may take an extra card from that deck! Please comment with what you take!


In other news...

Forum games:
Com'on Team Effort needs some love from all of you.


Cici wished for: 

❝Choice cards spelling out GRADUATION, to celebrate my upcoming graduation from college!. "❞

Send me your wishes, we are in need for them =)

Member Badges: Still open! If you like pretty things, and wanna decorate your profile a little more, then go ahead and request one!

Forum Activities:
A deck is up for donation: Favorite Uke! Go and donate an image of your favorite bottoming character.

If you completed this month's wordsearch already, go ahead and take the rewards on the game page! (:


This is the week for deck, hope you like them, and then again I'm here to bother you and beg from you for donations, we really keep needing them, I'm out of ideas for parings... and... I'll just start doing every manga i have scanalations of on my external hard disk this way XD

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