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May 11, 2014

What has happened this past week

New Members: n/a -  Welcome!
Member Cards: You can find all of yours here!
Level Ups: Andrea (Friend), hibito (Friend), Reno (Charming)
Masteries: hibito (bestfriends, eternalrivals), Hotaru (celestial), Miyuki (animalwithin, betrayers, bodyguards, yakuza), Saya (cleanup, shipwrights)
Referrals: none -- Pick your rewards up at the bottom!
Updates: Weekly games, bi-weekly set two, Substitution

In other news...

EDIT - question:

I forgot to ask this. I got a question if COMICS are ok to be donated (for example Captain America x Iron Man), would any of you be interested in having a Comics category? (for the answer you can take one regular choice card)


Because Friday I want to a concert of a Queen Tribute band, you can take cards using letters from QUEEN!

Edel wished for: 

❝Since my last final is this week, take out cards that spell out: DONE FINALS.."❞

Send me your wishes, we are in need for them =)

Member Badges: Still open! If you like pretty things, and wanna decorate your profile a little more, then go ahead and request one!

Forum Activities:
One new deck is up to donate to: Favorite Uke! I hope i choose a good one and all of you are gonna donate for it.

If you completed this month's wordsearch already, go ahead and take the rewards on the game page! (:


Sorry for this late update, I wasnt in the right mind to update yesterday, especialy as we have the update of the non automatic games, so =), anyway... I'm waiting for your donations!

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